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It is undisputed that the Democrat leadership is organized as the party of high taxes, high crime, late term abortion and infanticide, open borders, class warfare, business oppression, failed socialist policies and instigators of an effort to overthrow a free election. The Democrat Party’s dedication to this agenda is guided by the inherent political advantages they seek to realize in complete disregard for the safety and best interests of U.S. citizens.  Jim’s campaign platform is consistent with, and advances, the principles of economic and political freedom established by our country’s founders, domestic and international security, and an originalist adherence to the U.S. Constitution.  Some of the specific positions and proposals of Jim’s campaign include the following:


 Campaign Positions & Proposals

An “America First” approach to immigration, border security and U.S. citizen homelessness
Replacing Obama Care with a sensible healthcare system
Domestic security programs that are consistent with 2nd Amendment rights
International policies on fair trade and security
Rebuilding America’s infrastructure
Promoting manufacturing and business expansion
Empowerment programs that foster inter-economic class advancement
Improving and stabilizing class, religious, gender, and race relations
Supporting Israel, who is our only democratic alley in the middle east region
Protecting the lives of the viable unborn and outlaw the barbaric practice of new born infanticide
Supporting law enforcement and promoting programs to address lawlessness and violence
Holding accountable those who have participated in FISA abuse and the illegal conspiracy to overthrow a free election
Opposing the Democrat leadership’s socialist movement together with their stated intent to abandon the constitutionally mandated electoral college and pack the Supreme Court so as to reinterpret the Constitution to match their socialist agenda
Opposing the liberal’s, suppression of speech, black listing and manipulation of information dissemination